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Strong support with fewer parts, which means less labour and project costs.

Strongshor – heavy-duty support 

Strongshor – heavy-duty support

Product Overview


  • Strongshor comprises of four main components: frames, spigots, cross braces and head and base jacks. Having fewer components result in savings in time, labour, storage, transport and inventory costs
  • The range of frames, together with adjustable jacks, provide any desired height


  • Strongshor will shore safely to any practical height. Its frames have a maximum safe working load of 90kN and subject to correct bracing procedure. This load bearing capacity does not reduce as the shoring height is increased
  • Frame bracing provides increased strength and stability, particularly for high towers and they automatically align and space frames reducing assembly times


  • Lighter weight Strongshor frames enable site workers to more easily and quickly place the frames, which provides greater on-site productivity, less labour and lower construction costs

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