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Forming of concrete curved walls the cost effective and easy way. Its uniquely designed, pre-assembled, adjustable panel meets the market’s demand for labour-efficient solutions by improving on-site productivity.

Reflex – curved walls the easy way 

Reflex – curved walls the easy way

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-assembled Reflex is a pre-assembled, adjustable panel that uses robust turnbuckles so it can be easily and accurately adjusted for the setting of all curves.
  • Speed of Utilisation The speed at which the Reflex system can be erected, stripped and repositioned provides significant reductions in labour costs.
  • Shorter Construction Times Reflex provides a shorter construction time than can be delivered by conventional formwork systems.
  • Very Strong Reflex’s steel frame means it is very strong and safe, withstanding concrete pressures up to 60kPa.
  • Minimises Maintenance Its galvanised finish eliminates corrosion, minimises maintenance and extends the lifetime integrity of the system. When using composite form face maintenance of panels is much easier.
  • Easily Adjusted Reflex is easily adjusted for re-use at site after site without dismantling, which eliminates the risk of component loss and improves on-site productivity.
  • Good Quality Finish Reflex has a high-grade form ply face which produces a good quality concrete finish. However if you use composite form face, the finish will be Class 2 in quality.
  • Can Be Combined and Climbed Reflex panels can be combined for high pours and can be used in a climbing configuration to cater for multi-pour structures.
  • Platforms and Guardrails Reflex access platforms and guardrails provide a safe and secure working platform during site operations.
  • Clamps Eliminate Nuts and Bolts Panels are easily fixed with Reflex clamps eliminating the use of nut and bolt connectors.
  • Can Be Adjusted for Most Curves Reflex panels can be adjusted to form parabolic curves and transition curves from one radius to another.

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