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Forming of concrete curved walls the cost effective and easy way. Its uniquely designed, pre-assembled, adjustable panel meets the market’s demand for labour-efficient solutions by improving on-site productivity.

Reflex – curved walls the easy way 

Reflex – curved walls the easy way

Product Overview

Reflex makes forming concrete curved walls cost effective and easy. It can be quickly changed to form most circular concrete walls, particularly tanks.


  • Reflex can easily be adjusted for re-use at location after location without any need for dismantling or re-assembly
  • Its innovative design features allow for the setting of almost all curves efficiently and accurately
  • Reflex withstands concrete pressures up to 60kPa and can easily be adjusted for almost all curves


  • The Reflex Internal and External Access Platforms provide a safe and secure working platform for workers
  • The strong and robust design of Reflex withstands concrete pressures of up to 60kPa, so it's safe for most projects


  • The Reflex Clamps save a lot of time and effort because they are much easier to use than nuts and bolts
  • The Reflex Panels are easily adjusted so they can be used at many sites without being dismantled, this improves on-site productivity.
  • Reflex has either high quality ply or composite form. Composite form-face lasts significantly longer than ply, it provides a Class 2 finish and it's easier to clean and maintain.

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