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Megashor is an ultra, high-duty modular shoring system designed for high axial loads of 750kN, but its real strength lies in its versatility. From heavy lifting towers to travellers for tunnel formwork, bracing for excavations, shoring and trusses, Megashor can be configured for a huge variety of applications.

Megashor – ultra heavy-duty shoring 

Megashor – ultra heavy-duty shoring

In Detail

Easy To Use

Multiple Sizes

Megashor is manufactured in nine lengths, 5400, 4500, 2700, 1800, 900, 450, 270, 90 and 15mm so a prop of any length can be created.


Super Slim Soldier's provide restraint for Megashor. It's available in nine lengths, 3600, 2700, 1800, 900, 720, 540, 360, 180, 90mm, allowing a tower with almost any plan dimensions to be constructed.


RMD's quality assured manufacturing process, ensures consistent and accurate fabrication, resulting in good assembly alignment on site, saving time and labour costs.


A 15mm thick end plate is welded to each end of Megashor leg, forming an overall section of 290 x 280 mm. These end plates have six 22mm holes, which are used to bolt the Megashor legs end to end, using 4 or 6 M20 x 60 bolts and nuts.


Along the length of each channel, is a regular arrangement of 21mm punched holes for fixing bracing members to. At 900mm centres, in both the batten plates and pressed channels are twin 18mm holes, into which Superslim Soldiers are bolted.

Added Strength

Superslims are used as lateral restraint members and form the equipment into square or rectangular towers and grids. Either single or a combination of support towers can be formed in this way. Superslim Soldiers are bolted at node points using 2 x M16 x 40 Grade 8.8 bolts and nuts.

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