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Alshor Plus

Alshor Plus

High strength, lightweight, aluminium shoring system with built in safety and productivity features that maximise efficiency.

Alshor Plus – Aluminium Shoring 

Alshor Plus – Aluminium Shoring



Alshor Plus Legs
Code Description Weight
ASX31500 Alshor Plus Leg 1500mm 7.3kg
ASX32000 Alshor Plus Leg 2000mm 9.6kg
ASX32500 Alshor Plus Leg 2500mm 12.3kg
ASX33000 Alshor Plus Leg 3000mm 14.7kg
ASX34000 Alshor Plus Leg 4000mm 19.6kg
ASX10013 Alshor Plus Spigot 6mm 2.5kg
ASX10020 Alshor Plus Straight Pin 16mm 0.1kg


Alshor Plus Jack
Code Description Weight
ASX10012 Long Jack. Range = 200 - 1250mm 14.9kg
ASX10030 Short Jack. Range = 120 - 750mm 9.8kg
ASX10029 Alshor Plus Jack Spanner 4.8kg

U Plate

Alshor Plus U-Plate 270 x 220 x 6mm
Code Description Weight
ASX10023 U Plate 270 x 220 x 6mm 4.0kg
BNX12001 M12 x 40 Bolt Gr8.8 BZP CSK 0.05kg
BNU12004 M12 Wing Nut Gr8 BZP 0.01kg

U Heads

Alshor PlusU-Head 220w x 10mm
Code Description Weight
ASX10015 U Head 220 (w) x 10mm 6.6kg
ASX10059 Alshor Plus / Airodek U Head 5.4kg
ASX10066 Alshor Plus / Airodek U Head 4.2kg
ASX10056 Alshor Plus Superslim Clamp 0.7kg
Note: Alshor Plus Straight Pin (ASX10020) must be used in tension applications.

Base Plate

Alshor Plus 10mm Base
Code Description Weight
ASX10011 Alshor Plus Base 10mm 3.5kg


Alshor Plus Frame
Code Description Weight
ASX41200 Alshor Plus Frame 1200mm 8.9kg
ASX41800 Alshor Plus Frame 1800mm 12.2kg
ASX42400 Alshor Plus Frame 2400mm 14.5kg
ASX43000 Alshor Plus Frame 3000mm 16.9kg


Alshor Plus Ledger
Code Description Weight
ASX81200 Alshor Plus Ledger 1200mm 4.9kg
ASX81800 Alshor Plus Ledger 1800mm 6.6kg
ASX82400 Alshor Plus Ledger 2400mm 8.4kg
ASX83000 Alshor Plus Ledger 3000mm 10.1kg

Board Bearers

Alshor Plus Board Bearers
Code Description Weight
ASX61200 Board Bearer 1200mm 5.7kg
ASX61800 Board Bearer 1800mm 7.9kg
ASX62400 Board Bearer 2400mm 10.2kg
ASX63000 Board Bearer 3000mm 15.2kg


Alshor plus drop beam bracket
Code Description Weight
ASX10040 Alshor Drop Beam Bracket 1.6kg


Alshor Plus Leg Tripod
Code Description Weight
ASX10060 Alshor Plus Tripod 11.0kg

Advancing Handrail

Code Description Weight
ASX10057 Advancing Handrail 1200mm 13.3kg
ASX10058 Advancing Handrail 1800mm 15.6kg


Alshor Plus Handrail
Code Description Weight
ASX71200 Alshor Plus Handrail 1200mm 3.2kg
ASX71800 Alshor Plus Handrail 1800mm 4.1kg
ASX72400 Alshor Plus Handrail 2400mm 4.8kg
ASX73000 Alshor Plus Handrail 3000mm 5.9kg
Note: Not to be used as supports to Board Bearers

Ladder System

Alshor Plus Ladder
Code Description Weight
ASX50001 Alshor Plus Bottom Ladder 4.8kg
ASX50002 Alshor Plus Starter Ladder 5.3kg
ASX51000 Alshor Plus Ladder 1000mm 3.7kg
ASX51500 Alshor Plus Ladder 1500mm 4.9kg
ASX52000 Alshor Plus Ladder 2000mm 6.1kg

Captive Deck System

Alshor Platform
Code Description Weight
ASX10043 Alshor Plus Platform 1800 x 300mm 9.3kg
ASX10044 Alshor Plus Platform 1800 x 505mm 12.7kg
ASX10045 Alshor Plus Platform 1800 x 600mm 12.8kg
ASX10046 Alshor Plus Platform 2400 x 300mm 12.1kg
ASX10047 Alshor Plus Platform 2400 x 505mm 16.4kg
ASX10048 Alshor Plus Platform 2400 x 600mm 16.8kg

Castor Unit

Alshor Plus Caster Unit
Code Description Weight
ASX10038 Alshor Plus Castor Unit 37.4kg
ASX10039 Alshor Plus Castor Unit Handle 8.4kg
Maximum loading = 800kg: Minimum allowable Jack extension = 350mm.


Alshor Plus C Hook
Code Description Weight
ASX10067 Twin Prong Table C-Hook 1002kg
ASX10042 'C' Frame Chain Accessories 91.0kg

Adjustable Pocket Assembly

Code Description Weight
ASX10016 Alshor Plus Adjustable Pocket 2.7kg
SFU10014 2" Half Coupler 18mm Dia Hole 0.5kg
BNX16018 M16x25 Set Pin gr8.8 BZP CSK 0.05kg
BNU16001 M16 Hex Nut gr8 BZP 0.03kg

Jack Coupler

Code Description Weight
ASU10001 Jack Coupler 1.8kg

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